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 Meet Karianne

Your Neighborhood Mystic

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Mentor, Healer, Podcaster and Dreamer. Your neighborhood Mystic assisting you on your soul's path!

Soul in

Hi, my name is Karianne. If this is the only part that you read, I want you to know that I transformed my pain into my purpose.


I'm here to help you on your healing journey; my mission is to empower, inspire and restore radical Self-Love!

I've never met a darkness
that I couldn't outshine.
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I am a Hypnotherapist and Astrologer, I offer guidance and support, because I understand what it means to want help.


As a soul in progress, I have sought after tools and teachers who would assist me with understanding my trauma, PTSD and shadow work.


After healing parts of myself, I knew that I wanted to help heal others, to free people from their pain, to help them discover their purpose and to heal their hearts. I've never met a darkness that I couldn't outshine.

I work at the intersection of psychology and spirituality, I combine the use of spiritual tools and researched backed techniques, behavioral theories and communication practices.   

When you work with me, it is my hope that you will ditch outdated beliefs, gain self-love and personal freedom, because the world needs the healed version of you!

My Mission

Liberate minds,

free souls
and heal hearts.

I want to foster a community of empowered women, share transformative insights, and celebrate the beauty of living a mystic life in the modern world.

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I assist others to find their bliss, help them untangle their fears and delete outdated programing.


When we drop what is no longer serving us, we automatically invite personal freedom in our lives and that creates more space for self-love.

Self-Love is beyond a spa day or a "me-day". It's discovering how to set boundaries and enforce those boundaries. Self-love is working on self-esteem, building self confidence, understanding and accepting all parts of yourself and others. Self-love is the answer to everything and it’s so obvious that some of us miss it. 


I truly care about people and their well being. I want to help others love themselves because I believe that self-love will HEAL the collective. So, I’m here as a messenger to remind you that when we heal we gain personal freedom and we can move as one with love!

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Personality Profile

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Karianne Sjostedt, MBA

(Pronounced: Show-Stead)

Astrologer & Hypnotherapist

Big Three

Scorpio Rising, Taurus Sun (7th House)

Sagittarius Moon (2nd House)

Human Design

The Hermit-Opportunist, 2/4 Generator


Life Path Number 9


Protagonist (ENFJ-A) Personality Type

My Qualifications


  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

  • Trained in Western Astrology and Synastry

  • Certified Professional Life Coach

  • Certified Spiritual Coach

  • Certified Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy Practitioner

  • Reiki Level II Attuned

  • Certified EFT & TFT Tapping Practitioner

  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

  • Certified NLP Life Coach

  • Certified REBT Mindset Life Coach

  • Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Practition

  • Certified PTSD & Trauma Counseling

  • Certified Group Life Coach Practitioner

  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Life Coach

  • Certified Mindfulness Practitioner

  • Certified Ho'oponopono Ceremony Facilitator

  • Certified Meditation Facilitator

  • Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator


  • Certified Shamanic Life Coach

  • EFT & TFT Master Practitioner Certification

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