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Thanks so much for joining my community. Please read this policy carefully.

This is the Payment and Refund Policy of Karia Healthcare, LLC dba Karianne Sjostedt and its affiliated subsidiaries and related entities. (“Company,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) respects your business and is committed to providing quality customer service.



Payment for Additional Services: The Company shall be entitled to additional compensation for Approved Additional Services on such terms as are agreed on by The Company and Client. The following terms shall apply to Approved Additional Services unless otherwise agreed in writing by The Company and Client:

  1. The Company shall be entitled to additional compensation for Approved Additional Services on a half hour basis with expense reimbursement under applicable terms.

  2. The Client agrees to receive an invoice for the request of Payment for Additional Services that extend past in increments of a half hour, one hour or more. The Request for Payments for The Company’s Additional Services shall show the same information required in type of compensation and other evidence of expenses.

  3. Such additional compensation shall be established as a separate cost, not including or part of the original pricing and payment terms.

  4. Additional Services include any time that exceeds the original scheduled allotment for the original appointment between the company and the client, related to incremental or unforeseen services, which was not included in the originally agreed purchase.

    1. Any additional coaching, consulting, management, administrative or operational activity performed by The Company for the Client.

    2. Such costs include Coaching and Consulting because once we spend our time with you, that is time that we cannot get it back.

    3. The Client will be billed for the expenses incurred in connection with the performance of any services, training, consulting or other services provided that were not pre-scheduled services.

Additional Payment Terms: 

  1. All payments must be made in U.S. dollars, made electronically and will be due within 30 days after receipt. If we receive your payment before 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) on a business day, we will credit your payment as of the date of receipt. All other payments will be credited to your Account on the next business day following receipt. We may accept late or partial payments as well as payments marked “PAID IN FULL” or other restrictive endorsements, without losing any of our rights under this Agreement and without such payments constituting full accord and satisfaction of the debt.

  2. In the event that payment is refused or not honored or there are insufficient funds to pay the Provider, the Client shall be responsible for any charges incurred by the Company, including costs of collection (including but not limited to attorney’s fees and expenses), plus a monthly financing charge equal to one and one-half percent (1.5%) percent during each month that payment remains outstanding. The Company can refuse to provide any additional services until payment in full is received by the Company.

  3. All amounts of Payment for Additional Services will be paid and will be non-refundable.



There are no refunds issued for digital products.

We recommend contacting us if you have any questions before you purchase or for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products.



Your satisfaction with your Program is important to us. While we don't offer refunds for purchases, certain programs will offer up to, but no more than, a 3-Day 100% money-back guarantee for the Program purchased. We know that schedules change, should you purchase a training program and are unable to attend you may send a request for your money back to within 24hrs of the event and you'll be issued a refund. After the guarantee period, no refunds will be issued and full payment or all installment payments are still required and will be collected.



There are absolutely no refunds on Hypnotherapy and Coaching because once we spend our time with you, that is time that we cannot get it back. We cannot guarantee results in a coaching or consulting relationship because results depend on your openness to being coached and your willingness to implement tools and complete work necessary for your desired results.


If you are not completely satisfied with your investment and are on a payment plan, you may request we stop collecting on future payments. (It is rare, but it does happen that a coach and client may be ill-matched and it is best for both parties to go their separate ways.)


Upon providing deposit or full program payment you are authorizing Karia Healthcare, LLC  to process your payment. Upon approval of your application, you are responsible for full payment of fees for the program.


No refunds will be issued if you are accepted into the program and all installments must be paid on a timely basis.


Finally, a great deal of energy, time, thought and heart goes into preparing for and being present on our calls together.  If you’re late for your appointment, you lose that time.  If you don’t show, you’ll still be charged in full. In turn, we promise to honor our appointments and be on time as well. 



We understand life happens and circumstances may prevent you from starting or even completing your coaching within an appropriate timeline. However, if you pay for coaching services and fail to start or have your initial session with six (6) months of your initial payment, you forfeit any payments received and no refunds will be issued.


Attempts will be made to provide you with a comparable service through a digital product or online program within one (1) year of your initial payment; however, 1:1 coaching services are not guaranteed as coaching program offerings and pricing may have changed since your initial payment. After one (1) year from your initial payment, you will be required to contract for new and existing coaching services.



If you invest with us using a multi-pay or payment plan and you decide to stay in the program, you are responsible for completing your monthly payments.


If your credit/debit card lapses, we will reach out to you and give you a 7-day grace period to send us your new information. If you do not provide your new credit/debit card information or bring your payment up-to-date during the 7 day grace period, program access will be suspended. If you unable able to bring your account into good standing within 21 days without an explanation, all program agreements will be voided.



It is our policy to post any changes we make to our privacy policy on this page. If we make material changes to how we treat our users’ personal information, we will notify you by email to the email address specified in your account and/or through a notice on the Website home page. The date the privacy policy was last revised is identified at the bottom of the page. You are responsible for ensuring we have an up-to-date active and deliverable email address for you, and for periodically visiting our Website and this privacy policy to check for any changes.




If you have any questions or comments about this Payment and Refund Policy as outlined above, you can contact us at:

Karia Healthcare, LLC
Effective as of October 23, 2023

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