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Soul's Mission + Purpose

Available Online

Discover what your meant to do (30min Video Call)

  • 30 minutes
  • 75 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Do you feel lost? Do you feel like you missed your calling? Or do are you seeking confirmation that you are in alignment with your soul's mission? I offer my clients a 30 minute video call, where we talk ALL about You, and what you are meant to do and become in this lifetime. We will look at your birth char. A birth chart is the snapshot of the universe, the day and time that you were born. Learn and identify what you need to heal and it's connection to your purpose. Discover things about yourself: your personality traits, your shadows, your strengths, your weaknesses, how you interact with the world and your soul's mission.  We go beyond your Big Three, the plants and their importance and the houses, planets and positions. Diving deep into your North Node, South Node and Chiron.  ON THE CALL WE’LL DISCUSS✨ ✅ Your Wounds ✅ Healing Journey ✅ Your Teachings ✅ Soul's Mission You can ask questions and get your answers! Allow me to be your guide and discover what the Universe has to tell you! Schedule, and discover your Purpose + Soul's Mission Today!

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